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For small areas of fat or cellulite, Lipodissolve or Mesotherapy can be a perfect treatment option. Dr. McCoy has been doing this treatment since 2003, and was one of the early physicians in the United States to treat patients aesthetically using both Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy.

Target localized fat and blast cellulite. Dr. McCoy’s protocols typically combine Lipodissolve/Mesotherapy with the Smooth-RF, and/or the Accent XL & NIR.

Lipodissolve/Mesotherapy Benefits

  • Minimal to no downtime
  • No general anesthetic
  • Sculpt and contour
  • Cost effective

How Lipodissolve/Mesotherapy Works

Lipodissolve/Mesotherapy treatments involve the injection of small amounts of natural substances and/or FDA approved medications. A short series of injections in the specific trouble spot(s)- love handles, bra bulge, buttocks, thighs, belly, lipomas, chin or even stubborn fat under the eyes- allows Dr. McCoy to sculpt areas that are resistant to diet and exercise alone. Dr. McCoy has performed thousands of Lipodissolve/Mesotherapy injections over the years with remarkable safety and clinical effectiveness- often combining treatment with the Smooth-RF, and/or the Accent XL & NIR.

What to Expect

Lipodissolve/Mesotherapy is a quick set a small injections that are comfortable. Patients can expect to experience some swelling, mild tenderness and some itching. This is self-limiting and typically lasts a couple days. Patients can expect to lose inches, but not a significant amount of weight. Often, patients will combine injections with the Contour hCG Diet if their goal is weigh-loss in addition to body contouring. During your consultation at Contour Medical in Gilbert, Dr. J.D. McCoy will help you develop an individualized treatment plan that will help sculpt, contour, and turn back the clock on your body- naturally.

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