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About Dr. JD McCoy

Dr. McCoy is one of most accomplished physicians practicing aesthetic medicine in Arizona. Aesthetic medicine is the art of cosmetic rejuvenation using less-invasive medical treatments. Dr. McCoy recognizes that patients want to look and feel good, and that optimizing internal health is connected to enhancing the external appearance. He also knows how important it is to be on the cutting-edge when it comes to the advancing technology and techniques used in less-invasive cosmetic medicine.

Dr. J.D. McCoy received his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He completed an internship in internal medicine in Hawaii, and began specialized training, certification, and externship in cosmetic and light-based therapies. Dr. McCoy has devoted his specialization, passion and his entire practice to the art of less-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation, weight-management, and natural bio-identical hormone therapy since 2003.


Dr. McCoy’s principles in the practice of aesthetic medicine include: prevention, using natural substances (light/energy, nutrients and other natural substances), and using the least invasive treatment possible. Dr. McCoy finds innovative solutions that reduce or eliminate the need for more invasive surgeries- beautiful results naturally.


Professional Distinctions:


  • Certified Physician Speaker and Advanced Injection Trainer, Medicis Aesthetics, for Restylane , Perlane and Dysport


  • Certified Sculptra Injector, Besse Medical, over four years experience with Sculptraand considered an expert injector, one of only 30 injectors in Arizona


  • Luminary Physician, Alma Lasers, Physician Speaker, Clinical Advisor and National Trainer for the Accent XL. Body contouring and skin tightening.


  • Founding Board Member, Naturopathic Physicians Board of Aesthetic Medicine.


  • One of only a handful of physicians in Canada or the United States, performing minimally invasive and non-invasive Smooth-RF treatments- radiofrequency skin tightening and fat contouring in as little as one treatment.


  • Physician trainer for light-based/laser treatments, radiofrequency treatments, and multiple injection techniques.


  • Resurfaced over 500 faces using erbium, plasma and CO2 devices


  • Performed over 150 Threadlifts: a less-invasive facelift that is done in an hour with minimal downtime.


Contour Medical and Dr. McCoy look forward to providing you with safe and effective treatment, always striving for excellence- beautiful results naturally.

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